Integrate Intercom Inbox with Lingpad: Set Up Guide for Admins

Integrate Lingpad With Intercom Inbox

Providing quick, efficient, multilingual customer service is essential for raising your CSAT ratings. Before you can begin your path to becoming CSAT Champions with Lingpad, you need to integrate the Lingpad App with Intercom Inbox.

For a detailed step-by-step guide, scroll down to the section after the video tutorial. 

Video Tutorial

On Lingpad 

1. Create an account on the Lingpad or Log In if you already have one.

2. View/add new Space --> View/add new Project.

3. Select Integration --> click on 'Support' --> select 'Intercom Inbox'. Click Connect.

4. A pop-up asking to Allow Lingpad to access your Intercom workspace will come up. 

Tip: If you have multiple accounts, ensure that you select the right Intercom workspace - the one you chose to integrate Lingpad app with.

5. Click Allow and voila, the Lingpad App for Intercom Inbox has been successfully integrated! 

6. To know how Lingpad App will work for AI-powered Translations, refer to the next article or simply click here.

Note: If Lingpad doesn't show up in the Apps section on your Intercom Inbox dashboard, click Refresh.

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