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    • Project types

      ​Introduction to projects Achieve your goals by creating a project where your team or a group of users can collaborate with access to the relevant files and resources.    All project layouts Once you enter a space, you can either choose from an ...
    • Creating spaces

      Introduction to spaces  When you log into Lingpad, you will be asked to choose an organisation to enter. Once you choose, you will be taken to the organisation's dashboard, where you can start by creating space.    Spaces help you group users and ...
    • Uploading a file

      You can upload files to Lingpad either while creating a project or once it has been created. To upload a file, click on  File Upload.  Then, upload a file from your computer or by dragging and dropping a file to Lingpad. Learn more about our ...
    • Managing target languages

      Introduction Once you create a project  on Lingpad, you will be asked to select your source and target language(s).  Source language: This is the language your original text or content is in. You can choose only one source language per project from ...
    • Downloading translations

      There are two ways to download translations once they're complete. Downloading translations for one language Enter the project and select Languages from the left menu. The language highlighted in yellow is the source language for the project. The ...