Understanding user roles and associated permissions

Understanding user roles and associated permissions

User roles and permissions

There are two types of users you can create in Lingpad:

  1. Admins: Admins have full rights to the organisation and complete access to all spaces and projects.
  2. Managers: Managers have partial rights to make changes to the spaces and projects they've been given access to.

Here is the comprehensive list of permissions each user role is granted within Lingpad:

SettingsSettings CohortSettings Sub-CohortAdminManager
DashboardTop Main menu optionsLingpad Logo
  Help and support
 Profile PhotoSign out
  My account
 Choose an organisationChoose from different organisations
  Organisation Settingsx
  Add an Organisation
My Account SettingsPersonal DetailsName
  Email [CAN NOT EDIT]
  Phone number
  Profile Photo
Organisation SettingsUsersAdd Adminx
  Remove other Adminx
  Add Managerx
  Remove Managerx
 BillingBilling Detailsx
  Invoice Detailsx
  Make paymentx
  View Invoicesx
  Payment Detailsx
  Add cardx
  Remove Cardx
  Edit Cardx
SpacesSpacesCreate a Space
  Delete a Spacex
  Edit Space Name
  Edit Space description
 UsersAdd users to Spacex
  View space usersx
  Remove users from Space [Can't remove admin]x
Project SettingsProjectsCreate a project
  Delete a projectx
  Move project
  Edit project name
 CabinetUpload files
  Download files
  Remove files
 LanguagesAdd languages
  Remove languages
 ReferencesUpload reference files
  Remove Reference files
  Download reference files
Help and support Help and support
  Demo request
  Chat now
  Send email
  Send feedback
Notifications Notifications view
  Updates View
Integrations Add integrations
  Remove integrationsx
OrdersOrder historyView list of all ordersx
  View list of orders of spaces/project I have access to
  View list of all draft orders and completex
  View list draft order of spaces/project I have access to
  View list of all Successful orderx
  View list successful order of spaces/project I have access to
  View list of all failure orders and completex
  View list of failure orders of spaces/projects I have access to
  Order now all draft ordersx
  Order now draft orders of spaces/projects I have access to
  Checkout all failure ordersx
  Checkout failure orders of spaces/projects I have access to
  Review all successful ordersx
  Review successful orders of spaces/projects I have access to
 Place a new orderRequest translations
  Save as draft
 Pay nowUse an existing Card to pay
  Use a new card to pay

To invite new users, select the organisation you would like to invite them to. Next, select Users from the left menu and click on the Add New User button located at your screen's bottom right.


Changing user roles

To change a user's role, click on the three-dot menu on the extreme right of the row containing the user's name and select Edit User. Choose the role you would like to assign and then click Save. Alternatively, you may choose to remove access completely by selecting Remove Access from the top right corner of the window. 

If a user is assigned the Manager role, please select which spaces they should be granted access to. 

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