Understanding Lingpad's dashboard

Understanding your dashboard


The Lingpad's Translation Management System (TMS) is built to help your team stay on top of all your translation orders. Complete with an intuitive dashboard and customisations, this tool helps teams and users to collaborate like never before!

In this article, we'll cover the basics of how to navigate through Lingpad's dashboard. 


When you log into the platform, you will be asked which organisation you would like to enter. If it is your first time logging in, you will only be able to enter the organisation or company that you mentioned in the sign-up form. 

This will lead to the organisation dashboard where you can start by creating a space. Spaces help you group users and projects in one place.

Dashboard Menu

The menu is located on the top corner of the dashboard. Through this menu, you can place and access translation orders, manage integrations, view notifications and updates, get support or manage your account and organisational settings.



You can choose from various third party apps by integrating them with Lingpad. 

Notifications and Updates

This section helps you get instant notifications when there are:

  1. Changes in any of your projects
  2. Updates, such as reports on recent bug fixes, new features or recently published blog posts

A red dot on the bell icon indicates you have a new and unread notification or update. 

Help Feedback and Support

Find answers to questions or request additional support, schedule a demo, or provide feedback. This section helps you make the most of Lingpad while it helps us constantly grow and improve. 

My Account  and Organisational Settings 

Click on the icon with your initials or your profile picture to control and manage your personal details and account settings. Additionally, manage organisational settings for each organisation that you are a part of.


Click on the Orders button on the top of the menu to place and access translation orders.

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