Understanding Pricing

Understanding Pricing

Whether your company is a conglomerate with offices across different countries or a startup looking to target international users, Lingpad's flexible pricing is tailored to your localization needs.

Free 14-day trial

When you sign up and create an account with Lingpad, it'll automatically start your free trial. This trial will last for 14 days and will give you ample time to explore the maximum potential of Lingpad for you and your teams.


During this free trial, you'll be able to use all features of Lingpad, without any restrictions - unlimited users, spaces, projects, and languages.


You'll be notified before your free trial comes to an end. You can continue using Lingpad by adding your billing and payment details.


The usual pricing plans either don't allow your team to use all features or require you to pay more than what you use. With Lingpad, you pay only for what you use.

Contact our sales team and they'll give you a quote based on the number of words you'll be hosting and the number of languages you'll be translating them in.

Pricing model overview

Let’s say you upload a source file containing 200 words. You are in the process of translating it into 4 languages. The source language is considered as 1 language and the number of target languages is 4, totaling to 5 languages. 

The hosted words for the day will be 200 x 5 = 1000 (i.e. no. of words x no. of languages including the source language and target languages). 

Your hosted words are calculated in this manner on a per-day basis. At the end of the month, the hosted words for each day are added up to estimate the hosted words for the month.
Pricing Calculation Formula

* Total hosted words of the project include hosted words in both source and target languages. 
* Organization's monthly hosting word cost is a personalized price set to match your organization's evolving localization needs. 

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