Supported languages for translation

Supported languages for translation

The list below contains the languages we support for translation and their corresponding language codes. Please reach out to us at if your preferred language is not on the list. 

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    • Managing languages

      To access languages, choose a space and a project within that space. Click View File-Type Project. Now, navigate to Languages from the left panel. You'll be able to see the source language and all target languages that have been added to the project. ...
    • Switching between languages and files

      While working in the Editor, you can switch languages and files without going back to your project's main screen. Opening a file in the Editor To open a file in the Editor, 1. Go to your project and navigate to Languages from the left panel. 2. Click ...
    • Supported languages for AI-powered translations

      Lingpad offers AI-powered translations through its app for Zendesk and Freshdesk in these languages.
    • Utilizing translation memory in the Editor

      When you open a file in the Editor, you'll be able to see suggestions in the third column in the form of translation memory (TM) matches. When you translate a text in the Editor, your TM works in the background by flagging matching or similar ...
    • Supported subject areas for translation

      Lingpad supports all subject areas for translation. Some of the major subject areas and content types for which our translators hold expertise are listed below:  Banking and finance Translation of financial documents like market reports, statements, ...