Requesting a translation

Requesting a translation

To request a translation, you will need to set up billing details for your account.

Setting up billing details 

To set up billing details, click on your image on the top right corner, from the drop-down, click on the settings icon of the organisation where you'd like to set up billing. Next, select Billing from the left menu and click on the Billing Details tab.

Once you've added your billing details, you'll be able to request translation in Lingpad.

Placing an order

To place an order with Lingpad, click on the Orders button at the top right section of the main menu. 
Next, selecting Space and Project, open the drop-down menu in Select space and Select project. You'll be able to see all the spaces and projects you have access to. Select one for each.

Selecting category

Categories are basically industries and subject areas that help Lingpad assign the project to the translators with expertise in those areas. This helps you receive top-quality translations that match the text's context perfectly. Click the drop-down and choose a category.

Selecting target language

Select target languages you have added to your project to request translations in these languages 

Selecting translatable files

Select the files you wish to translate. Lingpad automatically counts the words in your file and displays them for you when you're requesting a translation.

Calculating costs

Lingpad displays the unique cost and repeats the cost of your files for each target language. This helps you get a comprehensive idea of the amount you're saving on repeated words. You'll see the total cost of your order at the bottom. 

Adding reference files

If you have any files that can help translators get a better idea of the project - for instance, a translation glossary, company brochure - you can add those in the reference file field.

Making the payment

You'll be able to see all the cards you and your team have access to. Select one and proceed to make the payment. 

If you wish to add a new card, click add a new card and fill in the required details.

You can also save the card details, by clicking the save card checkbox or make the card as a primary card that will help you with a quicker checkout process. Next time, the system will automatically add this card while you make payment.

Note: Only admins can save a card or choose to make a primary card.

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