Managing target languages in Lingpad

Managing target languages


Once you create a project  on Lingpad, you will be asked to select your source and target language(s). 

  1. Source language: This is the language your original text or content is in. You can choose only one source language per project from the dropdown list.
  2. Target language: This is the language in which you would like to translate your files. You may choose multiple target languages by ticking the relevant checkboxes from the list. 

Adding target languages

To edit or add target language(s), enter the project and select  Languages  from the left menu.

The language highlighted in yellow is the source language for the project. The languages mentioned underneath are the target languages. Click on the  Add Language button to choose more target languages. 

The source language cannot be changed once selected.

Deleting target languages

To delete a target language, click on the three-dot menu located on the right side of each language button, and select Delete. Removing a language from a project will remove all completed, new files at an organisation level and any order with order status as Draft or Failure will be updated. However, if there are files with file status as Ordered and In-progress will remain until they are completed. Completed orders for a particular language will continue to remain in the order history. 

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