Managing personal account settings

Managing personal account settings

Managing your account settings is easy with Lingpad. Click on the icon with your initials or your profile picture located in the top corner of the main menu. Proceed by clicking on  My Account  to make changes to your account.

You will then be able to navigate using the left vertical menu to manage your personal information and password. 

Managing your profile

Please note that your email address once registered, cannot be changed.
Select  Profile  from the left menu, to change your first name, last name, and add a phone number.  Once you are done making changes, click on  Save

Changing your profile picture

Along with making changes to your personal details, you can also change your profile picture. This will be visible to all the users you collaborate with, on Lingpad. To add or change your picture, click on the existing picture or the circular icon containing your initials. You can either upload a picture by browsing from your system or drag and drop it.

Once the image has successfully been uploaded on Lingpad, choose how to crop it before clicking on  Save

Changing your password

Change your password by selecting  Password  from the left menu. Enter your existing password followed by a new password that meets our password criteria. Re-enter the new password to ensure there is no mismatch and then click  Update

Your password is encrypted and never stored or shared by Lingpad.

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