Supported subject areas for translation

Supported subject areas for translation

Lingpad supports all subject areas for translation. Some of the major subject areas and content types for which our translators hold expertise are listed below: 

Banking and finance

Translation of financial documents like market reports, statements, research reports, among many others that help keep global clients informed in the banking and finance industry.

Medicine and healthcare

Translation of medical documents like case reports, research articles, patents, device labels, and more to extend international reach in the medical and healthcare industry.

Technical and engineering

Translation of technical documents such as specification manuals, instruction sheets, technical and operating manuals, etc for global growth in the technical and engineering domain. 

Travel and hospitality

Travel document translation for content like brochures, emails, travel advisories, marketing material and guides to aid businesses in the travel and hospitality industry take flight!

Multilingual customer service

Customer service translation for tickets, emails, FAQs, policies, and more to offer multilingual customer service to a diverse, global clientele.


Highly localised gaming documents such as video game scripts, and marketing material to engage with gamers from around the world. 

Translation of legal documents in the form of contracts, policies, judicial proceedings, and others to stay in the know for the legal industry. 

Retail and eCommerce

Translation of product listings, reviews, and support documentation on your eCommerce website and app to help increase customers in retail and eCommerce. 
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