Export translated knowledge base articles from Lingpad to Zendesk

How to push translated knowledge base articles to Zendesk Guide from Lingpad and Reconnect

Now that you have successfully achieved multilingual localization of your help center articles, it is time to export them to Zendesk and publish it. For a detailed step-by-step guide, scroll down to the section after the video tutorial.

Video Tutorial

  1. Head to your Zendesk Guide project > click on the "Settings" tab and go to the  "Push Content" tab to start exporting the translated knowledge base content to Zendesk. 
  2. Click "Push Now” button. 
    Export to Zendesk

Note: If the target language's articles are missing the translations in certain segments, it will immediately populate the content from the relevant segment in the default language to the translations file. This way, there is no loss of information, and the translation status on Lingpad will still reflect the number of words left to be translated. 


If the connection between Zendesk and Lingpad is broken, head to Domain Details within Settings and add the relevant Zendesk subdomain. Click Reconnect and voila, your Lingpad and Zendesk integration will be reconfigured successfully! 

Note: The Reconnect button and subdomain field under the Domain Details tab with be enabled only when the connection between Zendesk and Lingpad is broken

Reconnect Zendesk with Lingpad

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