Import Zendesk knowledge base for seamless localization!

How to pull content from Zendesk to Lingpad for Admins

Once you have created the Zendesk Guide project on Lingpad, all you have to do is bring the content residing in your Zendesk Guide over to Lingpad. Your project on Lingpad will become the single source of truth where you can import all the knowledge base articles with or without translations with a single click. Let's see how!

For a detailed step-by-step guide, scroll down to the section after the video tutorial.

Video Tutorial

  1. Click on "View Project" > go to the Settings tab > select the relevant categories, sections, and articles you wish to localize in the “Pull Content” tab. 
    View project
    Import content from Zendesk

  2. Click Sync > Without translations or With translations. 
    Sync starts

    Note: In case you choose to import content with translations, the data on Lingpad will be overwritten with the content that exists in your Zendesk Guide.

  3. Once the content is synced > go to Cabinet. All categories, sections, and articles will come up with the word count. In the language section, all the target languages you have added on Zendesk will reflect immediately.   
    Imported articles
    Note: Language addition: You can only add new languages on Zendesk and after syncing your Lingpad, it will automatically import the added language(s). Learn how to add new languages to your Zendesk Guide here
    Note: Language deletion: The language deletion will not be implemented on the Lingpad dashboard automatically. If you choose to delete it from the Lingpad dashboard, go to Languages, click on the three dots next to the relevant language, and select delete. Please note that all the associated translations will be deleted and cannot be recovered. 

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