Glossary Support for Project and Editor

Glossary Support for Project and Editor

Now that you have created a Glossary and added relevant terms to it, let's see how the glossary feature will function on a project and editor-level. Go to your specific project and click on the 'Glossary' icon on the left to see the list of Glossaries supported for the relevant project. 

On Project-level: 

You can only view the glossary terms and their associated details on a project-level. To implement changes, Admin need to make changes within Glossary from Organization Settings. 
Note: The glossary whose term language matches the project's source language will be displayed on the project level. 
View Term on Project level

How to use glossary on editor: 

  1. All glossary terms will be underlined in the segment. 
  2. Click on the term and a slider with all the glossary entries for the relevant language-pair will come up. 
    Glossary entries for the relevant language-pair

  3. If the target term from the glossary is missing in the target text segment, system will generate a warning for the particular segment. 
    QA check warning
Upon clicking the warning icon, a message will appear stating that there is a mismatch in the glossary terms, which means that the relevant target term is not found in the target text segment. 

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