Creating spaces

Creating spaces

Introduction to spaces 

When you log into Lingpad, you will be asked to choose an organisation to enter. Once you choose, you will be taken to the organisation's dashboard, where you can start by creating space. 


Spaces help you group users and projects in one place within an organisation. You can create the following types of spaces:

  1. Team-based or industry-based spaces with multiple projects: Create spaces based on teams or departments and invite team members to collaborate on projects—for example, a Marketing Team space for all marketing team members.
  2. Location-based spaces with multiple projects: Create spaces based on the users' physical location who would be collaborating on projects—for example, a London Team space for everyone working out of the London office.

Creating a space

If you already have one or more spaces created, you will see two tabs on your dashboard's top:

  1. All Spaces: All the spaces that you are a part of, whether they're created by you or by another user.
  2. My Spaces: Spaces that you've created and are a part of.


Creating a new space is simple on the Lingpad. If you're creating a space for the first time, your organisation dashboard will look like this.


Click on Add New Space to get started. 


In the new window that opens, enter the space's name and a short description or the purpose of the space such as 'For Marketing team projects'. Once you're done, click Create.


Adding users to space

Next, you can add users to your newly created space by clicking on the plus icon at the top corner of your screen. Only Admins can added Manages to space and see the below option. 

In the window that opens, you will see two tabs:
  1. Invite existing Managers: All Admins are added to every space by default. Browse through the existing managers that use Lingpad and click on Add next to a user's name to include them in your space. Similarly, hover on an added user's name and click on Remove if you would no longer like them to be a part of your space.
  2. Invite new Managers: Invite managers to your space by typing in one or more email IDs, separated by commas in the field provided, and clicking Invite.

If you already have existing spaces, you can add another space by clicking on Add New Space after the last space card on your screen.

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