Creating a Lingpad account

Creating a Lingpad account

Ready to become a part of the Lingpad fan club? The Lingpad team welcomes you to experience how effortless localization can be.

Sign up

Click this link to start creating your Lingpad account.

1. Enter the required details and click Sign Up.

2. You'll get a message on your screen prompting you to check your email.

3. Click Log In. Enter your email address and the password you've received in your inbox. Click Log In again.

Sign up with Google

If you're logged into your Google account, you can click Sign up with Google.

1. Enter your Gmail address and password. Click Sign Up.
2. Bravo! You can now set up your account details.

Log in

Click this link to log in. Enter the required details and click Log In.

If you don't remember your password, just click Forgot password?

1. Enter your email address and click Send Instructions.

2. Follow the instructions you receive in your inbox. In case you didn't receive an email from Lingpad, click Resend Instructions.

3. Click Access My Account and you'll be redirected to a screen to your new password.

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