How to create, view, edit and delete Glossary on Lingpad

Create, view, edit and delete Glossaries

Create, edit, and manage all the project terms with comprehensive glossaries. The fundamental goal of terminology management is to translate specialized terms that are frequently used - properly, consistently and effectively. 

Create Glossary

To create a glossary, follow these steps:
  1. Log into your relevant Lingpad account and go to Organization Settings. 
    Go to Organization Settings

  2. Head to the 'Glossary' tab within Organization Settings. 
    Glossary tab

  3. Click 'Create Glossary'. 
  4. In the slider that pops up - name your glossary, select term language and relevant target languages. 
    Add glossary details

  5. Note 1: The term language i.e. source language should be same as the source language of your organization's projects. For example, if a project's source language is English US, then Glossaries with English US as the term language will only be applicable. Any glossary with 'English UK' or 'English' as the term language will not be applicable for that relevant project. 
    Note 2: It is mandatory to add atleast one Target language. More target languages can be added in the future. 
  6. Click 'Create Glossary'. 
    Successfully created!

Note: If you have a Glossary with 'English - United States' as the Term Language, you will not be able to create another Glossary with 'English - United States' as the Term Language. You can only add the new target languages to the existing glossary. 

We will cover how to add terms to your Glossary in the 'Manage Glossaries' article. 

View Glossary 

If you wish to see the entire list of languages, click on the language abbreviations to see all languages associated with the relevant glossary. 
View associated languages

Edit Glossary

To edit glossary, click on the three dots in the right corner and click 'Edit'. 
Edit Glossary
The following parameters can be edited: 

  1. Glossary Name 
  2. Target languages can be added or removed
Note: During the edit, if any target language is deleted, all associated terms will be deleted. 

Parameters that can be edited

Note: Term Language i.e. the primary language of your Glossary cannot be edited

Delete Glossary

You can delete single or multiple glossaries from the glossary dashboard. 
Note: If you delete a glossary, all the associated terms will be permanently lost. 

Single deletion: 
Click on the three dots in the right corner and click 'Delete' to delete the individual glossary. 
Single deletion of glossary
Multiple deletion: 
Select all the glossaries you wish to delete, and click 'Delete Selection' at the bottom. 
Glossaries - multiple deletion
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